San Carlos

An officer exchanges a Rising Sun flag for some cigarettes with an American soldier on foot patrol
Not sure if this is a good idea.


In San Carlos
Captain Takeda forgets about bathing
And tries to trap some frogs
But unable to do so


San Carlos
Under an awning in the heavy rains
Looks like rice paddies
Nowhere to sleep
So we spent 2 nights on wooden mats

All of the hills
Are covered with ants
So we had no choice
But to do this


Landing warship (approximately 200 tons)
Up to the beach
This is the kind of vessel that we were transported in.
I was surprised to see that this huge vessel was able to come up on land.
Nothing compares with watching tanks and automobiles being unloaded out of the mouth of this behemoth.


June 30
For once, they gave us our meal on one plate, so I decided to hold a talent show at the camp.
The best part about it is that we could watch it laying down.

To be a good son is as good as being atop Mt. Fuji

When Yoshida walks by, the girls invite him upstairs

She wears a Kanoko furisode

Yoshitaro Oka, the narrator
Yoshida tells the story


The Leyte Relocation Camp Palace (60~70 people sleep here)
They even have some dogs and cats as pets


Something you don’t see very often in Leyte
Emaciated humans
Begging for kitchen scraps


Lumber for the drainage ditch

Ever since the Philippines gained independence, the number of workers had decreased dramatically, so we were forced to work in the sawmills that were formerly worked by Filipinos.

Usually, the Americans at the drainage ditch are a bunch of no-gooders, but the American that’s there today is very calm and gets naked and works with us POW. It feels good to work with him.


The So and So Incident

A local woman looking over the men standing in a single file line.
Walking quickly past the woman
It would be a big ordeal if the woman recognized one of us
An uncomfortable experience, regardless of whether one has any knowledge of the event, or not.
We suddenly start walking quickly as we walk past the woman
“Wait, wait,” – being recognized by her would be a big ordeal
Having 3000 young men standing in a line like this, it’s probably a dream come true for this woman.
Is she an old hag? Or Princess Sen (Note: In Japan, Princess Sen is a synonym for a beautiful woman)?


Evening of the memorial service

There was a huge talent show on the evening of the memorial service.

People don’t get too into it, until the actor that plays the female roles comes out.

Cadet Umino’s “Female Boatman,” “Sumidagawa,” dance, and singing by Mr. Sugie and Mr. Sekine, both from our camp.



Torrential rains can be problematic, but I am thankful for soft rains that remind me of spring rains because we don’t have to work in the field. These days are more common during the rainy season.
“Field workers must wait in the camps until it stops raining” – no problem!
“I thought it was a little loud to be rain, but it looks like someone is pissing in the gutter of the camp”

“Flush toilets are convenient”

“I thought the milk we had for breakfast today was watery – I’ve been pissing all day. This is my 4th time.”

“Just go to the bathroom when you have to shit”


And tomorrow’s Sunday so we have it off, too.

It’s great when it rains for 10 days
It would be good if it rained for 10 days

We’re off today, too. I wouldn’t mind having everyday off.

Rain is like pearls or fog at dawn

Let it rain, let it rain, mother and snake eyes are the only ones that welcome it.

Let it rain, let it rain.


POW, good night.

“When work is easy, we start thinking about home, and it gets hard to fall asleep. That’s no good. POW, good night.
He’s already talking in his sleep.”

“Nom, nom”

“I’m so hungry I can’t sleep”

“I guess I’ll dream about going home”

“POW, good night.”


We hear about some soldiers deep in the mountains who are willing to fight at a moment’s notice (Daisuke Yamamoto)
April 19, 1946

Received notice that the captain, in addition to 22 members of his navy unit, believing that their homeland would win, is fighting for their country at Inampulugan Island, which lies between Negros and Panay Island. Staff Aritomi and Lieutenant Yamamoto are forced to surrender during a suicide mission. They are committed into the Leyte concentration camp on the 20th (via airplane).
Military regulations are very strict. It’s a relief to see the Japanese military return.

I’m grateful that while my strength has weakened, my spirit is still high.

“Preparing to fight for 3 years with enough rations”


Shipping vessel
Inside the hatch…the ship’s hatch


The kids on the streets of Canlubang
Throwing rocks