Foods in Jungle & Prisoner Camp

Foods in Jungle


Seminar on edible wild grasses
At Nettle Canyon
The Grass Pillow
Advisor Kamiya
Lance Corporal Takemikado
Operator Komatsu
Sergeant Tsukuda
Private Iwai


Whole roasted frogs
Tasted great


Even venomous snakes, when strangled, and their skins peeled back
Once they are cooked and eaten, they no longer bother us


Skewered freshwater crabs
A rare treat in the mountains


On the cliffs, we found some eggs and chicks, which were a rare delicacy
A life or death endeavor to satisfy our appetites


We caught a mixture of grasshoppers and locusts


Skewered cicada
Cicadas are oily and not very tasty

Foods in Prisoner Camp


Calorie Calculation List at Prisoner’s Camp
“We received this week ration as follows.”


From monkey to human

The breakfast set out for POW in the stockade next to me looks so small!
That big guy got a piece of bread that is so small that I can’t see it from here.
Compared to that, I am also held in captivity, but my meals are something to behold. I get bread, milk, apples, and bananas.
And it’s not like I can give my leftover food to humans.
If this keeps up, it won’t be too long before “monkeys become humans” and “Japanese people become monkeys.”

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